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Designer: Blond + Noir

$45.00 AUD

My Name Print - Glorious Colour | Name Meaning Art Print

Our 'My Name Prints' have been carefully designed to help inquisitive little minds understand more about themselves and the history that is them!

A name is so important to us in life! It's who we are, its who we become. The origin of a name is often a huge part of deciding a new baby’s name in the first place (and if its not its kind of fun to find out)! So why not share that journey with your little (or big) love in print!

Please note: Frames are for display purpose only. Our prints don't come framed.

Please aways read the full product info below by expanding each header!


One of a kind:
Every print is designed especially for you. Each piece is a one off and there will be variants from print to print.

The colours for our prints were chosen to be fun for little minds to look at (and maybe a little stylish too)! We spent quite a few months researching and deciding the on most stunning, eye popping colour combinations! We love our final colour palette! We hope you do too!

We have 33 colour families to choose from for your print. You choose the family you like the most and we will alternate the colours through your name to make the perfect design.

Font Style: 

There are 7 'Name' font styles  and 2 'Meaning' font styles to choose from.

Please note our Art Prints don't come framed.


Our Art Prints are made on 310gsm fine art paper and printed with the finest quality archival inks.

PLEASE NOTE: Paper is a natural product that can have minor inconsistencies (This is part of the beauty of a natural product).

Our paper can also change from time to time due to supplier variations. This is unfortunately outside of our control. If you are hoping to match a print to a previous print, please contact us prior to ordering. We will be able to advise if our current paper batch is the same as your previous order. If you choose to reorder an original print to match, we can do this at a heavily reduced price.