Wallpaper - How to Order Wallpaper

Before ordering and installing, please complete these steps. 

Please do not skip a step. 

Step 1

Firstly, you need to establish if your walls and paint are suitable for removable wallpaper. You will need to contact your paint manufacturer for help.

Our wallpaper will NOT stick to:

  • washable and stain resistant paint by any name e.g. dulux wash and wear
  • paint containing Teflon
  • textured walls

These paints contain additives that repel removable wallpaper.  

More information can be found here.

Step 2

Once you’ve established that your walls and paint are suitable for removable wallpaper, please order a sample; allowing you to fully experience and test the design, texture, colours* and patterns.

A true to scale depicts a small section of the wallpaper as it would appear on a full sized wall. A sample pack includes both a true to scale sample, and a not to scale sample - this depicts the complete image to give you a sense of the overall design. 

*Allow for variation in colour between samples and full sized products. Colour will not be an exact match as it is impossible to exactly match colour on different print runs. 

Even if your sample adheres, NEVER apply our wallpaper to Teflon based paint or washable/stain resistant paint. The heavier weight of wallpaper means it will NOT adhere to Teflon based paint/washable paint.  

Step 3

If in doubt about your paint, or if your paint is washable/ Teflon based… ALWAYS prep your walls before wallpaper application with Vipond's clear self adhesive prep coat.  This ensures adhesion, and actually makes installation easier. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before wallpaper application.

For more information, head to our product information page.

Purchase prep coat with your wallpaper - use the drop down menu.

Follow the application instructions here from the manufacturer:

Remember... prepping is always a good idea... even if you think that your paint is suitable for removable wallpaper and decals, as Viponds enhances the adhesion of self adhesive digital prints.  Our professional installer recommends that ALL walls are prepped with Viponds!

Step 4

Order your wallpaper.

Use the drop down menu, and choose from Luxe or Standard width panels.

Once you have chosen between Luxe or Standard width, then use the drop down menus to select your height range, then width range.

Enter your EXACT wall dimensions in centimetres into the box provided. We cut your wallpaper to YOUR dimensions, so please measure accurately. Tips for measuring are found here.

Please ensure you order enough wallpaper for your project, as we can not guarantee that wallpaper printed on a different print run will be an exact colour match. This is due to possible variation in inks and/or peel and stick fabric, and multiple printers being in use. Further, purchasing extensions or "patch pieces" is not always possible. 

Order wallpaper here.

Step 5

Install your wallpaper as per our instructions here.

If you do do feel confident installing your wallpaper, please hire a professional. We offer an installation service in Melbourne and surrounds, simply purchase this service with your wallpaper (use the drop down menu).  Please note that our installation service does not include applying the prep coat.

More information can be found here.

Step 6

Get styling! The really fun part.

We often get asked about whether it’s ok to use self adhesive hooks on our wallpaper. You definitely can, but we would only recommend using self adhesive hooks to hang very light decorative items only, not heavy picture frames/ mirrors, which could loosen the wallpaper’s adhesive. We suggest using traditional picture hooks or 'wall mates' for heavier wall décor. Remember to seek advice from your local hardware store to help you choose the correct and safest hardware for your wall décor.