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The latest Cubby House reno!

by #tradiemum

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Designer: Blond + Noir

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La Mairie Florals | Removable PhotoTex Wallpaper | Full & Half Walls

Introducing NEW everyday low prices with our standard width wallpaper drops! 

What's the difference in Standard width vs. Luxe Width?

The answer is simple, only the drop width.

Our standard width is the industry standard drop width of up to 62cm.

Our Luxe width drops are our brain child and what set us apart from our competitors. These drops are luxurious, up to 120 cm wide.  

Our La Mairie is a floral wallpaper of hand drawn florals placed on stunning coloured backgrounds! Designed by Blond + Noir using digital drawing technology!


When only the best wall decor will do, you go to Blond + Noir or Minnie & Me! When we come together it’s a truly magical occasion!

Our new wallpapers are designed in house by us, then made with premium peel and stick fabric by our friends over at Minnie & Me Interiors!

The Minnie & Me | BN team have over 70 years combined experience in mastering print quality, so it just makes sense to us that they are the ones to bring our wallpaper designs to life!

Samples -> Order a sample pack to test out our wallpaper first. Samples come as little A4 sized mini version of your chosen design. Made so that you can see colour, texture and play around with applying yourself to see how easy it is! 

How to order:

1. Choose the type of wallpaper you need (full sized, cubby house etc)

2. Choose the size you need (as detailed in the selections)

For full or half sized walls, it’s important that you correctly measure your wall or space prior to ordering. Your wallpaper will be made to the measurements you provide to us in the comments (plus a slight overhang). For pre-made sizes you don't need to provide measurements. We are unable to change your wallpaper once made so please check & double check before ordering.

Uses for your wallpaper:
Because our wallpaper is peel & stick it can be used for many applications! We break them up in to ....

Hacks - Think doll house wallpaper & play kitchen splash backs!

Cubby house wallpaper - We make them specifically for your Hide & Seek Kids cubby house! Simply choose your cubby and we will make it to the size you need!

Half sized walls - Think walls with half paneling or wainscot! Anything up to 1.5 m in height!

Full sized walls - The traditional use! Wallpaper your full wall up to 3 m. If you need higher then 3 m get in contact prior to ordering!

Luxe width vs. standard width:

Benefits of luxe width (up to 120cm):
- The widest drops in Australia.
- Loved by our professional installers @thistlewallpapering
- Less visible joins meaning a luxe finish: luxe width is the BOMB DIGGITY of wallpaper - less joins/seams = better finish/ end result!!
 Less panels to line up meaning a quicker install. There will only be 3 panels on a standard wall - that’s only 2 joins!
 Printed on opaque PhotoTex!!

Benefits of standard width (up to 62cm):
 Cheaper to purchase!
 Cheaper shipping rates for our international customers!
 Able to be installed by one person. There will be 6 panels to install on a standard sized wall - that’s 5 joins (even with this product, we wanted to give you the minimum amount of joins possible)
 Printed on opaque PhotoTex!!


La Mairie is made up of Hayley, Lucy, Essie & Lilly with cool leaves. She comes on the backgrounds you see in our colour swatch in the gallery. 

Please keep in mind that not all screens are created equal, so the colour you see on your screen, may vary slightly from the final printed product.


We bring you the kindest removable fabric wall decals & wallpaper on the market! 

Made from the highly trusted removable fabric that is - PhotoTex

"PhotoTex is the original peel and stick, polyester fabric, adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor and out) and then removed and reused many times over leaving no adhesive residue.

Used for numerous applications PhotoTex does not weaken or strengthen over time, can withstand all weather conditions, and it will not shrink or curl like other material. PhotoTex won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation. PhotoTex material is US patented and non-toxic."

Our decals & wallpaper are made on premium Opaque PhotoTex fabric so that you can use them on coloured walls and easily overlap without anything that's underneath showing through. Our decals are also precision cut on a premium grade commercial machine, leaving them completely borderless.

Our wallpaper partners lovingly hand make every piece in Victoria, Australia.

PhotoTex is the number one trusted and truly removable fabric wall media on the market. If your wall art isn't on PhotoTex, well, its not on PhotoTex!

To get the best from your wallpaper, its important to fully read your 'Information and Care Sheet' provided with your order before use. 

PhotoTex is not recommended for use on textured surfaces, paints containing teflon, paint without a base layer of quality primer or paint that is flaking or in need of repair.

If you are unsure which pieces  are the right fit for you, simply order one of our sample packs to try them out first! 


How to install your wallpaper:
Read the full installation guide here or watch our install video!

1. Prep the wall. 
2. Peel the fabric from its backing sheet. 
3. Stick to the wall and smooth. 
4. Line up the seam with a 1cm overlap to the next panel & repeat. 
5. To remove simply peel back slowly.

It's just like a big sticker! If you make a mistake you simply peel back and start again. If the wallpaper accidentally sticks to itself during installation you simply pull it apart and continue on as normal.

Super easy to DIY with two people!

Safety Warning: Blond + Noir wallpapers are designed for decoration only and are not a toy! Please keep them out of reach of children. Your decals & their packaging should never be placed within a child’s reach or near where they sleep to avoid a possible choking hazard. Please always read the instructions sheet included with your items before use.