Today we said goodbye to our Hide & Seek Kids Play Gym! Decorated when we moved in to our new house about 12 months ago! So, I thought it was about time I immortalised all her details on our blog!

Our latest cubby house reno was ‘The Play Gym’ by Hide and Seek Kids. Affectionately known at our place as ‘the fort’! This reno was for our little girls. They are both pre school age, so it was designed as a space for them to be able to play every day. On the fort there are walls to climb, a rope ladder, a slide and an internal space to play house!

We also did a little reno on a Hide & Seek Kids Mud Kitchen = endless play opportunities for little minds!!! #winning

Let’s talk design!

I started the reno by picking paint colours that would go with the slide, which is a soft yellow. The idea was for it to be a fun space for the girls, so we went with a pastel rainbow vibe, balanced with a lot of white!

For the kitchen I decided I needed to live out my own personal dream kitchen! The one I’ll never actually have in a house because it’s all pink! I carried through the pink from the fort, used black and white to accent and then threw in a little gold - hello luxe! To make sure the two spaces tied in we also decided to spray some accents on the fort in gold and add a little gold door handle too.

The paint colours

Undercoat – Dulux Precision 4L
2 coats on the whole cubby (inside and out). 2 coats on the mud kitchen. 2 coats on 2 x planter boxes.

Colour coat – Dulux Weathershield – Charmed White – Gloss – 2L
2 coats all over the fort.

Colour coat – Dulux Weathershield – Victoriana - Gloss – 2L
2 coats on the external of the door, a few steps and the whole mud kitchen.

Colour coat – Dulux Weathershield – Pale Spring - Gloss – 500ml
2 coats on the steps.

Colour coat – Dulux Weathershield – Pale Petticoat - Gloss – 500ml
2 coats on the steps.

Colour coat – Dulux Weathershield – Butter Ridge - Gloss – 500ml
2 coats on the steps.

Colour coat – Dulux Weathershield – Pre School - Gloss – 500ml
2 coats on the steps.

White King Squirts – Paint and Prime Spray – Satin Gold – 2 tins
2 Coats on the mud kitchen sink, the climbing features on the fort and all of the pots and pans.

Note: We always use gloss paint on our cubby renos as its easier to clean. There are more painting tips on our Rik's Cafe Blog too!

The décor

The Fort is an open cubby so it’s exposed to the weather at all times. We took that in to account with any décor we included.

The main décor piece for us was the wallpaper. We used our La Mairie wallpaper because it has that same feminine, pastel rainbow of colours as the paint. Our wallpapers are ok to use outside but the more they are exposed weather, the shorter their lifespan. So that we were able to protect the wallpaper in extreme weather situations we applied it to a removable corflute, making it easy to take out when we needed to. You can see more on how we applied the cubby house wallpaper on our Instagram story cubby highlights. For the fort wallpaper we used La Mairie in Whisper Pink.

We followed the same process for wallpapering the inside of the mud kitchen fridge – there we used La Mairie in smoke.

We used some inexpensive Ikea pots and pans for the mud kitchen – sprayed gold of course. We also used some of their play food and plates for all those magical tea parties.

Everything else is removable and we packed up each day to bring inside.

Some of the fun pieces we have used in our fort are:

Timber Scandelier – Ginger & Pear

Grace & Scrunch book – Isla Dream

Glitter Butterflies – Little Custom Creations

Tea Party pieces – Harry & the Hound

That mud kitchen splashback!

Yep totally tiled that like a true #tradiemum !!! To watch how I did it head on over to our Instagram story #tradiemum highlights. It was super easy to do!

What’s next?

Keep your eyes out for our next Hide and Seek Kids cubby house reno! Super excited to show you this next one!!

Elisa xx