Ok confession time... usually the sight of any themed kids’ room makes me a bit queasy! I’ve always believed that you don’t need to sacrifice good style in your little one’s space. Kids’ rooms don’t have to be tacky! There are ways to incorporate their passions in tasteful ways.

That’s why Elisa from Blond Noir and I have tried to stayed away from themes... I’ve always leant towards pink, classic florals and traditional designs, whilst Elisa has focused on modern and colourful patterns and shapes!

But recently we’ve both been wracking our brains for new ideas. We’re always trying to innovate, to make sure that our respective stores cater for everyone. We also like to offer something unique in this now overly saturated market.

We both have this incredible love and passion for good design, well styled rooms and beautiful photography. Of course we both adore wallpaper, we agree that our respective homes will never be free of jaw dropping wallpaper.... lucky we own wallpaper businesses! We have quite different tastes, but we really click with our ideas and passions.

We have brainstormed lots of ideas which are coming soon, but the Dinos I can’t take any credit for... they were all Elisa! Ok, actually, I’ll take some teeny tiny credit for the arch decals - they are totally my vibe! Let me tell you a little secret, we both weren’t sure if we loved the Dinos at first. And you know why... we were worried they were too themed.

During the first test print, we started shifting... the colours and patterns gave our hearts a little flip. Elisa kept adding colour way after colour way... that girl sure knows how to pair her colours, and we got more and more hooked!

Whilst Elisa’s Dino designs are super funky, they still need to be styled with care.  Here we’ll run you through the basics for styling our Dino range but you can pretty much apply these concepts to any themed room.


1/ Before you do anything... create a vision board. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just screen shot your products, and put them together using the pic collage app. This ensures your selections are cohesive. Never skip this step!

2/ The key when you have a vibrant wallpaper is to keep everything else minimal. Do this by accessorising with plain block colours.

3/ Allow the wallpaper to shine... only add your child’s name or one plain print to the feature wall, but that’s it. You can even go wild and wallpaper all four walls, adding wainscoting or panelling also looks great to break up a vibrant wallpaper.

4/ Use block colour linen and cushions, and maybe add one feature cushion. Do this by picking out two or three fun colours in the wallpaper. But also remember, you don’t have to be too matchy matchy, using tones of the same colour can be more interesting. Choose a block colour doona cover, but add some fun with some patterned sheets e.g. spots or checks or stripes.

5/ Style the other walls in the room with your favourite wall art... tie in the colours with your wallpaper or use similar tones.

6/ Always add mood lighting... a lamp, pendant or wall light.

Dino arch decal trio done right in Adela's room:

Dino wallpaper styled to perfection in Erik's room:

Photo credits: @blond.noir 

Beds by: https://www.hideandseekkids.com.au/


1/ Over clutter or over style... less is more. Kids’ rooms still have to be functional. Include storage for your little ones treasured possessions... baskets, a toy box, shelving, cupboards etc. Make sure everything has a place so that the room can stay as neat and tidy as possible.

2/ Choose a themed doona cover plus a themed feature wall. No one needs that many Dinos! There is no need to over do the theme.

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 I hope this blog helps you to create your own themed room with style.

Kristy xo