For my son ....

Solar System Wallpaper | Tween Boys RoomThose of you who have followed me for a while will know that Erik is our triple rainbow. For a time there we thought he’d never come. Luckily, he was always meant to be here with us! He is special to us. Our only son in four kids. Our little gift.

This room is for our King Erik who is growing up so fast!

Tween Space Lego RoomThis kid is full of knowledge. He’ll sit for hours and read an encyclopedia. He loves space facts & science! He’ll sit for days and build an incredibly intricate LEGO piece! Perfectly.

Now in his tweens, we wanted to give him a space that is fitting of who he is but also who he is becoming! So this room is three fold: a room where he is surrounded by glorious colour and bold ideas! To dream of all the wonderful things our solar system holds. A place to read and learn & a place to work on LEGO masterpieces!

Tween Space RoomOur Solar System Wallpaper was designed for my son. It’s full of great colour, mimics the planets in our solar system and is an über statement! Hand drawn by me. Made on our removable peel and stick wallpaper. Making it easy to DIY install (& DIY remove when you’re ready)! Brought to life for us by our master print team,  Minnie & Me Interiors.

Erik's new bed his pick from our friends over at Hide & Seek Kids! King single size, fit for a king! 💁🏻‍♀️ Plush pillow top mattress also from Hide & Seek Kids and underneath is the perfect storage for LEGO to be hidden away from little sisters! 🙌🏼

Wallpapered Wardrobe Tween BOy.gifAll of the pieces in this room where chosen for their clean and simple design (given that the wallpaper is the hero of this space). We went with a base palette in tones of dusty blue, sage and mustard.

Tween Wardrobe WallpaperedHis wardrobe was previously a blank, messy, nothing space. So I really wanted to give him a robe that was an extension to his cool new room. I wanted to make it just as wow. A nice space that he can be proud of and look after!! (Hopefully). I applied our Animal Spot Wallpaper (in nature & white) to two of its walls to make it pop. Then I culled everything that wasn't necessary leaving only the things he needs in Ikea storage baskets.

Our house walls were a taupe colour when we moved in, which makes everything that little bit too dark. So we lifted the light in the room by repainting it in Dulux Casper White. The carpets are also dark so we added more light by using a soft blue and natural rug from Cheapest Rugs Online.

I aimed to create lots of spaces for storage, so that overall it feels minimal but there is a space for everything and room for more!

Tween Boy Solar System Lego Storage

Our products were purchased from the following suppliers:

Solar System Wallpaper - Blond + Noir

Animal Spot Wallpaper - Blond + Noir

Bed & Mattress - Hide & Seek Kids

Erik name decal - Blond + Noir

Moon phases decals - Blond + Noir

Rug - Cheapest Rugs Online

Leather pencil roll - The Amore Co.

Golden moons wall plaques - Juno & Ace

Puzzle Desk & sage lamp - Norsu Interiors

Desk chair - Vorsen

Crates - Nice Digs

Green wall display shelf - Hunter & Nomad

Side table - Mustard Made

Moon lamp - Ultimate Moon Lamps

Colourful pompoms - Mixie Mix

Solar Birth Print - The Planets Aligned


To see Erik's room reveal video click here!

Let us know what you think of Erik's new room!! 

Elisa x