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To get the best from your wallpaper and wall decals, it's important to fully read all of the information below, along with the relevant safety and installation information.

We bring you the kindest removable fabric wallpaper and wall decals on the market! 

Made from the highly trusted removable fabric that is - PhotoTex

"PhotoTex is the original peel and stick, polyester fabric, adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor and out) and then removed and reused many times over leaving no adhesive residue.

Used for numerous applications PhotoTex does not weaken or strengthen over time, can withstand all weather conditions, and it will not shrink or curl like other material. PhotoTex won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation. PhotoTex material is US patented and non-toxic."

Our wallpaper and decals are made on premium Opaque PhotoTex fabric so that you can use them on coloured walls and easily overlap them without anything that's underneath showing through. Our decals are also precision cut on a premium grade commercial machine, leaving them completely borderless.

PhotoTex is the number one trusted and truly removable fabric wall media on the market. If your wall art isn't on PhotoTex, well, its not on PhotoTex!

PhotoTex is not recommended for use on textured surfaces, paints containing teflon, washable paints (see more information below), paint without a base layer of quality primer or paint that is flaking or in need of repair.

If you are unsure if your paint falls in to this a category that causes issues for wall decals or wallpaper, please consult your paint supplier prior to purchasing your decals or wallpaper. 

We also recommend in all cases that you order one of our sample packs to try them out on your walls first! 


Before purchasing our products, it is vital that you read this product information page in full, as well as our FAQs. Covered in our FAQs is everything from our production times, to how to measure for wallpaper, to how to hack, and more! Read here.

Are you ordering wallpaper? Please use our step by step guide. Follow this, and you’ll have a seamless experience from measuring, to ordering, through to preparing your walls, installing, and finally styling…

How to order wallpaper 

Before installing our wallpaper and wall decals, please read our safety policy, product information & installation instructions. You'll find them here.


Teflon based paint: PhotoTex is not recommended for application over paints containing Teflon.  Teflon paints act as a repellent to the adhesive. Always check with the paint manufacturer before installing this product.

Washable Paint: PhotoTex is not recommend for application on “wash and wear” or washable paints. “Wash and wear” or “washable” paints contain an additive that acts as a repellent to the adhesive. In Australia, these paints are commonly known as “wash and wear” paints.  Multiple Australian and international brands stock these “stain resistant”, “washable”, "wipe clean" products.  We advise our consumers to ALWAYS check with the paint manufacturer before purchasing our product. Do not rely on the product information listed on the manufacturers website or on the paint tin, customers must contact the paint manufacturer directly.

Textured walls: PhotoTex is not recommended for application on textured walls/surfaces e.g. bricks, concrete, raw timber.

Paint without a base layer of primer: PhotoTex is not recommended on paint without a base layer of quality primer or paint that is flaking or in need of repair.  We suggest that you always employ a professional painter to prepare your walls with a good quality primer and good quality paint (not teflon based or washable paint).  We do not recommend the use of paints containing primer or undercoat... these should be applied as individual steps.

Freshly painted walls: Do not apply PhotoTex to freshly painted walls. Allow approximately 4 weeks for the paint to completely cure.

Humidity: We do not recommend our wallpaper in areas of high humidity e.g. bathrooms and laundries where a dryer is frequently in use. Nor do we recommend our wallpaper be used as a kitchen splashback behind a stove top or sink. Laundries without a dryer, powder rooms and butlers pantries are suitable. 


We would always suggest trialling an sample on your wall for a week or two if you are concerned in any way about the surface to which you are applying the decals or wallpaper to. But even if the sample adheres, we NEVER recommend applying our wallpaper or large arch decals to Teflon based or washable paints without first applying Viponds self adhesive prep coat - see below.


We have a solution to ensure that everyone can enjoy our wallpaper and wall decals.

Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat has been especially formulated to enhance the adhesion of self adhesive digital prints onto internal and external surfaces. It is a low VOC water based paint that dries quickly with minimal odour. 

We would suggest that you lightly sand (to remove any texture and to ensure a SMOOTH surface), then apply self adhesive prep coat to your wall/s at least 24 hours prior to wallpaper/ decal application if:

1. You are unsure if your paint contains Teflon OR if you are unsure if your paint is a “wash and wear” or washable paint*. If in doubt about your paint, ALWAYS apply prep coat! It's cheap, clear and super quick and easy to apply! 

Important considerations:

1. Renters should be especially cautious and note the points above, given that they may not have prepared and painted the walls themselves.

2. Both we, and our customers have found that our smaller decals will adhere to “wash and wear” or washable paints, however we make no guarantees. Due to the heavier weight of wallpaper and larger decals, we NEVER recommend applying our wallpaper or large decals to washable paints.  Always use prep coat on your wall/s first as instructed on this page to ensure adhesion. If in doubt, always prep!


1. scape off loose and flaking paint. Fill holes and joins, sand smooth, and dust off.

2. lightly sand the full wall with a 240 or finer sandpaper (to remove any texture, and to ensure a SMOOTH surface… the more contact area with the surface area, the better the adhesion).

3. apply self adhesive prep coat to your full wall/s at least 24 hours prior to wallpaper/ decal application.

4. apply two coats with 4mm nap mohair or synthetic roller. Allow drying time in between coats, around 2 hours. Note: don’t just slap it on with a brush, you don’t want brush marks, remember you want a smooth surface.

5. allow the prep coat to cure for at least 24 hours, then wipe over with a lint free clean damp cloth, followed by a lint free dry cloth before applying your wallpaper or decal.

Always read the product information, and application instructions provided by Viponds:


You can purchase prep coat using the drop down menu with your wallpaper and arch decals.


If you do not feel confident installing the wallpaper, please utilise the services of a professional wallpaper installer. We offer a wallpaper installation service in Melbourne and surrounds; send us an email to enquire.

Please note that the application of prep coat is not included in the installation fee, it is the customers responsibility to prep the walls at least 24 hours prior to installation as per Vipond’s instructions.  Our installer suggests that ALL walls, regardless of paint type have been prepped with Viponds before installation of peel and stick wallpaper.

Please note that if you cancel the installation after a date has been scheduled, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100.

Installation cost may at times be higher than $390, this may be the case if you are located in regional Victoria and/or if your wall is higher than 270cm, or wider than 320cm. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Sooner after you purchase your wallpaper and installation, we will get in touch with you via email to arrange a date for the installation. We will also provide you with a contract to sign and return to us, which verifies that you have read and understood our product information.


Whilst our wallpaper and decals are designed for DIY application, a level of skill is required. Wall preparation as per our product information is vital.

We are unable to replace wallpaper that has been incorrectly installed. Please review our return & refund policy before purchasing our product.

Failure to follow our recommendations can lead to:

  • your wallpaper bubbling, not sticking correctly or coming off your wall.
  • possible damage to your walls when removing your wallpaper.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to walls, due to the variation in paint quality and wall preparation.

We cannot be held responsible for wallpaper or wall decals that do not adhere.


Please keep in mind that not all screens are created equal, so the colour you see on your screen, will vary from the final printed product.

Once printed, colour is also changed by it's surroundings; light, colour, shadow, wall paint colour, carpets etc. Please always order sample* to ensure the colour works in your space.  This is especially applicable for block colour products, just like paint, block colours will look different in different spaces!

*Allow for variation in colour between samples and full sized products. Colour will not be an exact match as it is impossible to exactly match colour on different print runs. 

Please ensure you order enough wallpaper for your project, as we can not guarantee that wallpaper printed on a different print run will be an exact colour match. This is due to possible variation in inks and/or peel and stick fabric, and multiple printers being in use. 


Our wallpaper and wall decals can be used outdoors in cubby houses, however the more the wallpaper is protected from the elements, the longer it will last.  As with anything that is exposed to the elements, our products can weather over time.  You are able to extend the life of our products by ensuring that your cubby house is correctly painted and weather proofed. More information here: https://www.hideandseekkids.com.au/painting-maintenance-information/

Also make sure that the adhesive backing stays free from oil, dust and debris.


In the event that you would like to clean your wallpaper, wipe over gently with a dry or damp (with water) cloth, do not scrub. Solvents will damage the print.  Please remember to treat your wallpaper and decals with care, as they are made from a delicate fabric.


If installed correctly, our wallpaper and decals have the potential to last for years.  However, it is important that they are examined regularly by an adult to ensure they remain securely attached to the wall.  In the event that adhesion is compromised, we recommend removing the product immediately.


Blond Noir wallpapers and wall decals are designed for decoration only and are not a toy! Please keep them out of reach of children. Our wallpaper and decals, and their packaging should never be placed within a child’s reach or near where they sleep to avoid a possible choking or suffocation hazard. Our products should be installed by an adult. Always supervise children when they are playing with toys that are “hacked” with our products.  All advertising photos on our social media pages and website that demonstrate wallpaper or wall decals above a sleep space, have been correctly installed as per our instructions, and are examined regularly to ensure they remain securely attached to the wall.


This product information was written by Kristy Young and Elisa Strbac and is protected by copyright law. It is not to be reproduced without the authors’ consent in writing. The latest update was made in 2022©.  

Watch 60 seconds on our wallpaper and wall decals here!

All statements, technical information, recommendations and/or instructions about our products are based upon information from our product supplier and tests on suitable surfaces. While our statements about our products are made in good faith, they do not constitute a guarantee or warranty. Our products are sold with the understanding that the consumer has independently determined the suitability of our wallpaper and decals for their proposed location, with consideration to humidity in the room, the paint used on their wall, the texture of the wall, and/or cleanliness of the wall.  The consumer needs to have some skill in installing large scale self adhesive products, if in doubt, we suggest hiring a professional.