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Designer: Blond + Noir

$109.00 AUD

Sibling Birth Print | 2 to 5 Siblings

The Zero Print is an artistic way to display the most precious moment in life, the birth of new life! We capture your baby's birth details along with a line drawing at a 1:1 scale of their length at birth! Available in singles of siblings.

Please complete the details separately for each print you wish to order. The details for each print will appear in your cart for review before checkout.


Personalise your print: 
Choose your background colour, choose number of babies to display, choose the direction your baby is facing. All designed to bring you a print that is perfect for your baby!

Please enter the details for your print with baby 1 being the left baby on on the print.

Your Zero Print birth details will be printed in the following format:  


1 Oct 2016 | 8:00am | 3000 grams | 53cm | Brisbane, QLD

Please note: frames are not included with our prints.


Our Sibling Prints are available in the following formats:

Twin print - is a portrait print & is available in 50 x 70 cm print size

Two siblings - is a portrait print & is available in 50 x 70 cm print size

Three siblings - is a portrait print & is available in 50 x 70 cm print size

Four siblings - is a landscape print - The MAX BABY HEIGHT for a Four Sibling Prints is 53 cm & is available in A1, 60 x 90 cm & 61 x 91.5 cm print size

Five Siblings - is a landscape print - The MAX BABY HEIGHT for a Five Sibling Prints is 52.5 cm & is available in A1, 60 x 90 cm & 61 x 91.5 cm print size

About TZP

The Zero Print was created to provide an artistic and modern way to exhibit the details of one of the most important moments of any persons life. The moment that new life is born. The Zero moment.

The print captures all the important birth details and displays an illustration that represents your baby’s length at birth on a 1:1 scale.

The Zero Print is digitally drawn art created by our in house designer. The prints have also been developed with the design of your interior in mind. Make it minimal or choose an incredible colour and style to suit your space!