Debunk Skin by Blond + Noir

Debunk Skin by Blond + Noir

A skincare brand that is all natural, innovative, sustainable but most importantly, incredibly effective.

Our Why

In 2012 after a lifetime of ‘hard’ skin, Elisa, then mum of two little ones dreamt of a

skincare brand that was simple, effective and kind on her skin. After years of being prescribed harsh treatments and chemicals she knew in her soul that there must be a better, kinder way.

Elisa spent 8 years searching, learning, curating and (2 more kids later) in 2020, Debunk Skin was born. 

Debunk is about taking everything we are sold about skincare and making it really simple again. Using real and raw products to treat your skin and skin conditions, the way that nature intended us to. Natural does not equal less effective! In fact, nature already provides us everything we need. 

Our Quality

We are committed to bringing you premium quality products made in an ethical & sustainable way. All of the debunk skin care products are made right here in

Australia by our skilled formulation teams. Made from local, natural, vegan ingredients. We only do small batch runs to ensure that your products are as fresh as possible when you receive them! 

Our product line has been carefully & intentionally formulated to work in synergy with each other. When used alone, our products will work effectively for you. When used together a skin transformation journey can begin! 


We have very thoughtfully pieced together our product packaging to give you all that you might need & nothing more. We made a pact to never use any packing that wasn’t necessary & every part of our necessary packaging, is either biodegradable, recyclable or multi-use. 

You won’t find boxes in boxes in boxes when using debunk. You won’t find detailed machine made packaging with fancy gold foil. You won’t find anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. What you will find, is great natural products that will speak for themselves. 

Our Brand

Debunk is a brand of Blond + Noir - a long standing Australian Small Business.

Founder and CEO Elisa had a dream and has curated a team to make sure we bring you simply great products in an intentional way. Our team include highly experienced formulators, a pharmaceutical professional as well as our dedicated and educated office team, who are here to help you at any stage!

We are an online business (at this stage) so all of our contact is done online via email, chat or DM. If you'd like to reach out, we'd love to get to know your skin!


We are committed to great service. Our aim is to make your time with Debunk not only easy, but fondly memorable. We want you to know that we truly value you & the fact you have chosen our brand to be a part of your world! 

We hope you love what we do as much as we do! Feel free to reach out for a chat about your skin next time your online! 

From our family to you, we wish you self care!

Elisa & the Debunk team! xx

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