Words for the Wall - Extra Instructions

Extra steps to apply your Words for the Wall Decals:


Your Words for the Wall Decals are able to be removed straight from the backing sheet and applied to the wall, but it can be a bit fiddly to get them straight and perfect. To make it easier for cursive fonts we have included some transfer tape in your decal pack. Non cursive fonts don't need a transfer sheet and can be applied directly to the wall.

Please first read and follow the safety, product information and installation guide first. Then, when it comes time to apply your Wall Words Decals, follow these extra steps:

Cursive fonts: Your wall words will come with a plain piece of extra decal fabric that will be used to move your words from their backing sheet to your wall; we call this a transfer sheet. Read and then remove the warning label from your Words for the Wall pack.

Apply your transfer sheet to the words:

  • If you want to apply your wall words as they are laid out on your decal sheet simply remove the backing from the transfer sheet and place the sticky side over the front of your words
  • If you want to lay out your words differently (in a long single line, jagged etc), carefully cut around each word so that they are separate. Cut your transfer sheet to the same size as each word. Then remove the transfer sheet from its backing and apply to each word.

Rub the transfer sheet you have applied with your finger along each word on the front side. Flip over and do the same from the back. Take some time to rub each word section to make the transfer on to the transfer sheet a little easier.

Remove the backing sheet from the decals. You  may need to take some time at this step   to ensure proper transfer on to the transfer sheet. If your decals lift with the backing sheet simply lay back down and rub the decal backing to encourage the decal to stay on the sticky side of the transfer sheet.

Once successfully removed your decals should be stuck to the transfer sheet with the decal and transfer sheet sticky side facing you, ready to apply to the wall.

To apply to the wall simply line up where you want to apply your words and place the transfer sheet on top.

Rub along the front of the transfer sheet where the decal words are.

Slowly and carefully remove the transfer sheet from the wall. Your wall words should remain on the wall.

If any lift as you remove the sheet simply place back down and rub the front to encourage the decal to stay on the wall.

Enjoy your Words for the Wall!

Watch our install video for cursive fonts here!