Art & Birth Prints Information & Care

Thank you for choosing to have a little piece of our art in your space!

Each piece is hand drawn, photographed or painted by us! Our art style is often intended to be perfectly imperfect!

Some handy tips before you open your new pieces:

Leave your art in its packaging until it’s time to frame! This will make sure it stays perfect when framed.

When you are ready to frame, remove your art carefully from the packaging. Please keep your art away from the stickers used to secure your packaging during transit.

Framing - Check the size of the print you are ordering at the time of order.

  • Choose a frame prior to ordering if you can, then you can choose a print to suit your frame!
  • For big frames (50 x 70, 60 x 90, 61 x 91, 61 x91.5) we recommend places like Ikea, Kmart, Spotlight.
  • For standard Australian sizing (A4, A3, A2, A1) you can look at the above stores plus places like Officeworks, Freedom, Big W, Country Road.
  • Norsu Interiors also stock some beautiful quality frames in most sizes.
  • If you have your heart set on the perfect frame, head to a local framer. They can build frames to your specifications!
  • Prints can be framed with or without a matte Consider if you like this look before purchasing your frame.

Enjoy your new art!