Oh good question! It’s the question all of us avid decorators have. We love to use decals to wow a room but we don’t love a wall drama!

Well the simple answer is (be sure to read to the end cause there is a longer answer) that NO, Blond + Noir Decals won’t damage your walls. We’ve spent years researching to find you the kindest decal media on the market.

What causes damage with decals / wallpaper is the glue that’s used to help them adhere to the wall. Some glues are too harsh, some come off on to the wall, most set hard on the wall after 6-12 months. Blond + Noir fabric decals use a unique and patented glue formula that means that the glue will never harden (or weaken). Meaning, it’s never going to harden and take your paint with it! #winning!  In fact, our glue is so kind that you could scrunch your fabric decal up in to a ball and then pull it apart and it will stick to the wall as normal. 

BUT it’s important to understand that there are other factors in wall damage. You see, it’s also about the wall! Unfortunately what happens sometimes when people paint their walls is they forget prep and then to use a good quality primer / undercoat on its own first! We have even seen some newly built houses where professionals haven’t done this step (whoops). We have also seen some issues in older paint jobs where the paint is already starting to deteriorate.

In these situations, it doesn’t matter how ‘kind’ your decals are, it’s a possibility the paint will come off anyway (decals, wall hooks, even a bump will knock the paint off if is not correctly applied over an undercoat)!

But enough doom and gloom the good news is it is rare but it’s important you are aware of it! So our advice is:

  1. Make sure your walls are prepped, primed & painted correctly. Don’t use paint that includes a primer in it. Use a good quality undercoat on its own. If you aren’t a painting professional – ask a professional for advice first. 
  2. If you don’t know if your walls are correctly prepped get a sample pack to test! Testing a tiny part first is much better then dealing with a whole wall of paint-less spots. 
  3. When buying decals that use glue ask the question ‘do your decals use a glue that doesn’t harden’? Not all decals are created equal and it’s ok to ask about what you’re getting! Simply advertising as ‘removable’ or ‘great for renters’ doesn’t mean that’s exactly true (so I’ve found out the hard way before Blond + Noir decals arrived). 
  4. Always follow your instructions and be kind when removing. Gently lift corners (long nails can hurt paint too ) and slowly peel back from the wall. 
  5. So there you have it. The short and the long. We can bring you kind and amazing decals but it’s important that you as the home owner or renter understand that there is another part too! All which you are in complete control of! 

Watch out for our ‘tips for touching up your walls’ blog soon!

Happy decorating! Xx